If you want to provide your business, employees, and customers with secure and reliable Internet connection to remote sites, then Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the service that you looking for. VPN allow a set of sites to communicate over public Internet network.

Symphony provides several VPN services based on your business needs. It’s provide layer 1 leased line, layer 2, and layer 3 VPN based on MPLS, through protected mesh network with optional last mile connection (wireless, Air-Fiber, or Fiber Optic). Symphony provide the VPN services on domestic scale that cover all Iraqi province Layer 1 Connection that use Symphony metro network to provide a private physical connection to your business.

MPLS-L2 VPN is a layer II VPN that deploys MPLS technology to connect the corporate with its branches. The service offers all the reliability and quality of MPLS along with the security of layer 2 communications, making it suitable for banks and security sensitive applications.

IP-VPN service is a packet-based IP routing service that provides economic data transaction facilities between clients in different locations while maintaining the level of reliability and service quality that is imposed by rapidly evolving business needs.

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