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Professional telecom service provider

Historical Background

Being the pioneer and leading carrier services provider in Iraq was not an easy call!

Within the last three years and since its very beginning Symphony Telecom has set an ultimate goal to build up state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure in Iraq. Symphony Telecom saves no efforts to ease the life of its customers and delivers a wide-range of carrier services including voice, IPL, and IP transit and wide a la carte service portfolio.

With international POPs deployed in the tier1 global Data Centers and 100+ national wide POPs, Symphony Telecom grants its partners the privilege to expand their service footprint to reach out to their customers anywhere.

Unlike others, Symphony Telecom plans its strategy based on the customers' needs and ambitions. We consider our real opportunity is supporting our customer's growth and helping them maximizing their profit.


Symphony vision is to be the premier telecom provider in the country by implementing and achieving the statistical and strategic plan to deliver the extra speed of internet service.


Symphony mission is accomplished by exceptional and continuous performance improvement in every area all over the country. The performance will be guided by a fast connectivity, highest security rate, and 24/7-365 supports for business and personal use, by an ongoing hunt for distinction by continually developing and maintaining the diverse talented- team of the highest caliber to achieve our goals and become pioneers as Internet service providers

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